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2134076426 / (213) 407-6426

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213-407-6426 Phone Number Reports:

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Submitted by David M on October 04, 2014
"I get enough calls that I have to answer, I don't need a junk call telling me I won a cruise. If I won, send it to me!"

CALLER ID: 2134076426

Submitted by s on September 29, 2014
"received call am on do not call list"

Submitted by Cmax on September 23, 2014
"Just rcvd a call from 213-407-6426, I did not answer as I did not recognize the phone #, and they did not leave a v/m.Anyone know who or what it's about???"

CALLER ID: 213-407-6426

Submitted by mic on September 23, 2014

CALLER ID: 2134076426

Submitted by person1000 on September 22, 2014
"Robocall; said I won a cruise for two if I took a survey and offered to take me off their list if I pressed "nine." Maybe I should have but preferred not to press anything and just let the call go on until it disconnected itself."

Submitted by JKelly on September 22, 2014
"I'm on the Do No Call list, I didn't answer - no message left."

CALLER ID: 213-407-6426

Submitted by Steven Holste on September 22, 2014
"Am on the Do Not Call list and both my wife and I have been getting calls from this number."

CALLER ID: 213-407-6426

Submitted by a.lert on September 18, 2014
"Robocall claiming to offer a free cruise for response to a survey. Clearly not a real survey, and clearly a scam violating the do not call list."

Submitted by Kat on September 18, 2014
"Unknown caller. I don't know anyone is 213 area code. I'm on the Do Not Call list."

CALLER ID: 213-407-6426

Submitted by Guest User on September 17, 2014
"Recieved a call no one there when I answered a private cell line.called back to check said the number is disconnected"

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