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269-288-0172 Phone Number Reports:

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Submitted by washington state on September 01, 2011
"these guys need to be stopped , harassing the elderly !!!!!"

CALLER ID: 269-288-0172

Submitted by annoyed on September 01, 2011
"got a call, was a recording about lowering credit card push #1. There is no "push another number to be taken of the list" You push one and a live person comes on. You say please take me off the list and they hang up on you. They continue to call EVERY day. Can they be stopped??"

CALLER COMPANY: lower you payment

Submitted by Amy on August 31, 2011
"Same as other complaints. We are on DNC -- these guys keep calling telling us our credit cards will be cancelled"

CALLER ID: lower you payments

Submitted by Peter J. Orlando on August 29, 2011
"They just keep calling. I tell them that I am on the do not call list and they hang up"

CALLER ID: 2692880172
CALLER COMPANY: Credic Card Services

Submitted by wayne s on August 24, 2011
"caller called said they had called before and if i didn't respond they would cut off all my credit cards. Said this was my last chance."

CALLER ID: 269-288-0172

Submitted by OHIO on August 24, 2011
"Morons called here again at 230pm on aug 24th.have filed complaints with fcc.they dont leave messages,just call repeatedly.I suspect a junk debt buyer is behind them and is either spoofing the number or has given our information out to harass,because we dont owe them anything."

CALLER ID: 2692880172

Submitted by Jerry on August 23, 2011
"On Aug 23, 11 , I received a call from this number with no CALLER ID. The preprogram intro phone message was very threating. I do not appreicate this sort of solictation.I also have my number on a National DO NOT CALL LIST. But still get these unwanted calls. When I asked for the who the company was, they hung up.PLEASE TAKE THESE PEOPLE on my DO NOT CALL LIST and GO AFTER THESE BUMS!"

CALLER ID: Unavailable
CALLER COMPANY: Would not reveal

Submitted by Jennifer on August 23, 2011
"When i ask to be taken off their list, they hang up on me."

CALLER ID: "lower your payment"

Submitted by MG Moore on August 23, 2011
"I do not wish to have this number call me."

CALLER ID: 2692880172

Submitted by Doprothy DeForge on August 19, 2011
"caller offering lower interst rates on credit cards, when i spoke to person I said i didn't over $3000 and please put me on no call list, but they hung up in the middle of my sentence."


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