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385-232-7228 Phone Number Reports:

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Submitted by Alex on July 07, 2015
"Continues to call with same BS message and even calls my previous employer who I have good relations with. Very annoying and any attempt to call back has no answer."

CALLER ID: 3852327228

Submitted by Rude on July 07, 2015

CALLER ID: 3852327228

Submitted by TIMOTHY SMITH on July 07, 2015

CALLER COMPANY: 385-232-7228

Submitted by JAR on July 03, 2015
"This number has called me numerous times despite I told them that they are contacting the wrong person. They stated that "I needed to call them ASAP and that there are 2 charges against me and the county from my activity." I told them that I am not the person they are looking for but they continue calling. Very unprofessional group of people. Need to be stopped ASAP."

Submitted by D King on July 02, 2015
"This number has called since June 23, then on 24,25 and then the 30th. This is 4 times. They stated that I needed to call them ASAP from the processing summons division and that there are 2 charges against me and the county from my activity and proceeded to state that they needed to make me aware of my rights to address my charges, prior to receiving my summons, and told me my SS was used fraudulently and that I was being sued then gave a case # to call back with. I tried calling the # back. No message can be given or no one answered the phone. I looked online and this number has been robo calling people since 2013!!"

Submitted by Rho on July 01, 2015
"I received two calls as above. I would like the calls to stop."

CALLER ID: 3852327728

Submitted by Shelley on July 01, 2015
"Received numerous times at my job!WQ"

Submitted by Sandy Tweedie on July 01, 2015
"this number called me and told me my SS was used fraudulently and that I was being sued and that if I waited to be served it would be too late"

CALLER ID: 385-232-7228

Submitted by Vonda on June 30, 2015
"385-232-7228-this number keeps calling and I have already reported the number to local authorities. STOP CALLING MY NUMBER YOU IDIOTS YOU ARE FOOLING NO ONE. THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!"

Submitted by private on June 30, 2015
"Keeps calling saying I have complaints filed against me."

CALLER ID: 3852327228

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