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Submitted by Ruth on June 06, 2013
"As I remarked previously, I had received 2 calls today. The other was from Bank Card Services, warning me it is the last time I can take advantage of lower rates on my credit card. I do not own a credit card, and never will. I also called the number back went through the steps then pressed #2 as per their request to remove my number from their list. I keep the numbers documented in the event I need to contact the Attorney General, with the date and time of call."

CALLER ID: 616-613-2220
CALLER COMPANY: Bank Card Services

Submitted by Ruth on June 06, 2013
"I have received 2 calls today one from Credit Card Services the other from Bank Card Service. I am on the Do Not Call list. I am documenting these calls and the numbers. I call back just to be able to press #2 to have them remove me from their list. If I receive more calls, I will contact my Attorney General. I have already done that once because Penn Credit kept calling. The Attorney General sent them a notice, and I have not received anymore calls from them for going on a year now. I suggest you document the numbers, call them back, follow the recording and press #2 for them to take you off their list, Also report it to the Do Not Call Complaint Site. After that if you keep receiving calls, do as I did and contact your Attorney General."

CALLER ID: 603-214-3653

Submitted by Dawn on May 16, 2013
"calls my cell couple times a day. i am also on the do not call list. i do not answer calls from numbers i don't know so have not talked to anyone."

CALLER ID: 603-214-3653

Submitted by Guest User on February 25, 2013
"recording "regarding your credit card, this is our second call.........I hung up, I don't have any credit cards. I figured it was a phishing scam. By checking online now I am sure of it"

Submitted by Stephen on October 14, 2011
"Received the similar 'This is Tom from Home Protection' automated call...this will NOT go away."

CALLER ID: 253-246-8553
CALLER COMPANY: Home Protection

Submitted by Cindy on September 29, 2011
"They have called my cell number 5-6 times per day. I've hung up, yelled at Tom, called me a --- ---- idiot and he is still calling for weeks. Can't believe it. Please make them stop."

CALLER ID: 6032143653

Submitted by Helen Lau on September 22, 2011
"Received 2 calls from this number, 10 minutes after each other. The first time I answer and told the telemarketer that I am at work and can not speak to him. He then tried again after 10 minutes. I am on the DNC list also."

CALLER ID: 6032143653

Submitted by Jerry on August 30, 2011
"When one number stops calling everyday, 4 to 5 times a day, a new one starts. Never a message, but if I answer some of these calls, I get a recording of some type promotion. I want to know why Verizon can not allow call blocking on my cell phone?"

CALLER ID: Phone Number

Submitted by Debbie Moyers on August 25, 2011
"they call me every day to solicit"

Submitted by SandyD on August 13, 2011
"I too get a lot of calls from this group and I am also on the DO NOT CALL list. Obviously the list does not work."


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