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813-644-8761 Phone Number Reports:

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Submitted by susan Jones on April 09, 2015
"A recording said I need to call them back, even tho I answered the phone. I hung up. They have called several times in the past."


Submitted by JQ on September 21, 2013
"This company is a debt collector. The name is Dynamic Recovery Solutions. This woman I talked to said her name was Adriana. She said their main number 1-888-362-9297."

CALLER ID: 813-644-8761
CALLER COMPANY: Dynamic Recovery Solutions

Submitted by Jenny on March 20, 2013
"Caller says that I need to call them back to discuss a very important business matter."

Submitted by Debbie on April 21, 2012
"Left message on my cell phone that they have an important matter to discuss."

CALLER ID: 813-644-8761

Submitted by valerie on November 02, 2011
"say in the message is very important that they receied a return call as soon as possible."

Submitted by AD on October 21, 2011
"They call and want you to tell them your social security number but will not tell you who they are. They say they have come upon a situation and need to verify your social security and mention DRS? But don't want to say anything unless you give them your ss#. When you refuse they hang up."


Submitted by sher on July 14, 2011
"when I picked up the voice mail all that was on the voice mail was music & then she said my mname & hung up this is the 4th or 5th time & when I called the number back only music was playing it is a land line in Tampa Florida"

CALLER ID: 813-644-8761

Submitted by bob on July 14, 2011
"They are very persistent and full of lies. Bill Collector!"

CALLER ID: 813-644-8761

Submitted by Patti on May 18, 2011
"This # keep calling my home and it's hard to tell them to stop calling because they are using a recording, to harass you."

CALLER ID: Tampa-813-644-8761

Submitted by melanie alexander on May 03, 2011
"receiving unwanted calls when i told them to stop"

CALLER ID: 813-644-8761
CALLER COMPANY: brighthouse


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