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844-226-8637 Phone Number Reports:

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Submitted by Guest User on February 08, 2016
"I have received a phone call from this company as well as other family members saying I owe them a payday loan from 2010 I do not have any payday loans she said I could clear my name in court"

CALLER ID: 844-226-8637
CALLER COMPANY: kenwood services

Submitted by Michael on February 05, 2016
"This number has been calling and harassing my relatives and even called my ex wife, we divorced 7 years ago. They said I owed on a loan I took out and never paid. I have never taken a loan out. They said they are sending someone to my home and work for supena to sue me."

CALLER ID: 8442268637

Submitted by Charisse on January 28, 2016
"I keep getting calls from this number and the recorder does not identify themselves. This is really annoying."

CALLER COMPANY: Not provided

Submitted by jack on January 25, 2016
"scammers keep calling and harassing me about a loan I have never taken or knew about."

CALLER ID: 8442984707
CALLER COMPANY: 1st Recovery

Submitted by Tabitha on January 20, 2016
"Its a scam they told me I own money on a payday loan I never took out. I called back and informed them that if me or my family are contacted again I will seek legal action. And the women said nothing and hung up."

Submitted by Lynn on January 12, 2016
"Get this call all the time on my cell. Finally they told me they were from 1st Recovery. For the 100th time they say they are removing my number but it never happens. They say this is for a claim on a Martin Cooper with a claim number. Foreign voice on the phone and are eager to hang up."

CALLER ID: 844-226-8637
CALLER COMPANY: 1st Recovery

Submitted by John on December 23, 2015
"This company called me and said I owed money from a payday loan that I had 5 years ago. I told them it was paid off because they took it directly out of my checking account. They wanted me to fax them something and I told them I don't think so and blocked the number. Now they are calling my ex wife which we have been divorced for 22 years and harassing her. they call from a couple different numbers"

CALLER ID: 844-226-8637

Submitted by Michele on December 16, 2015
"This company keeps calling my cell phone and has even called my work place and not even my department I work in... it's been embarrassing. Saying I owe money. I am tired of them harassing me."

Submitted by Nick Salvatore on December 15, 2015
"Said i owe 645.00 for a payday loan that i never took ... now i call them 3 to 4 times aday bothering them ..."


Submitted by karen stillian on December 14, 2015
"They and their affiliates, they have several phone numbers they buy and use: 1-844-202-1613, and prior to this three 707 area code numbers, all companies with 3 letter names: One id'd as ERC 8014 Bayberry Road, Jacksonville, FL 32256. I received, now 16 calls from this sam ecompany"


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