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8442589733 / (844) 258-9733

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844-258-9733 Phone Number Reports:

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Submitted by Anonymous on February 05, 2019
"So my mother received a text message from them claiming that they received a case for my health insurance and that they assigned an agent for me, so I called to try and test it out and one of the women named, Olga answered and transferred me to another health care provider, idk where she transferred me but another woman named, Linda answered and said that I had the wrong number and immediately hung up on me. This number is a bit shady and also since it's that time to finally renew health care they used that to their advantage."

CALLER ID: 844-258-9733

Submitted by Amy Johnson on January 08, 2019
"Received 3 phone calls all from different numbers within about 3.5 hour time period this morning, as well as a test message. All calling me Adrianne, which is no part of my name or anyone else in my household. They were saying they were responding to my request for information about health insurance and that I’d been assigned an agent to help me. I never made any such request. Man, I hate scammers."

Submitted by Don't contact me on January 08, 2019
"Came as a text addressing "Jesse" Not me. With assigning me an agent for health insurance. Didn't request."

CALLER ID: 844-258-9733

Submitted by Karen L on November 27, 2018
"I have call block but left me text message calling me Peggy, we have received your health insurance request and assigned a licensed agent to your case. Please call them at 844-258-9733 (Reply STOP to Opt Out.) Not my name nor did I call to request a quote."

Submitted by C S on November 25, 2018
"Text from claiming i have been assigned an agent to my inquiry about health insurance. I did not make any inquiries and they used a middle name that i have not used in 25 years."

CALLER ID: 844-258-9733

Submitted by Linda A Silver on October 08, 2018
"this came as a text message; addressing Haley whom I am not!! Or she is saying she is Haley? Stated she was a senior health insurance agent and was assigned my case.... which I do not have a case! Asking me to call or text back to STOP or OPT OUT!!! I know its hard to track all these no gooders but thank you for doing your best. date this took place was 10/8 18 231PM."



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