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844-704-5171 Phone Number Reports:

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Submitted by Sandi on April 10, 2014
"Got the same bogus message everyone else got!"

CALLER ID: 8447045171

Submitted by PMJF on April 08, 2014
"I received same call, I spoke to my attorney he, say don't answer dose call is a sacm"

CALLER ID: 8447045171

Submitted by Tammy Lovelady on March 22, 2014
"I receive about 4-5 calls a week from this number to my cell phone. I'm glad I'm ignoring a scam."

CALLER ID: 844-704-5171

Submitted by J Miller on March 21, 2014
"I got the same phone call this morning,saying they had tried serve some papers and I could resolve this matter by calling 844-704-5171."

CALLER ID: 844-704-5571

Submitted by TWatts on March 19, 2014
"I received voice messages on work number from 844-704-5171, caller didn't leave their name or name of company. They stated they are calling because of a claim filed against me. I have not returned the call and will not."

CALLER ID: 844-704-5171

Submitted by Matt Reichelt on March 17, 2014
"Called at my place of business. Isn't this illegal?"

Submitted by Steve on March 13, 2014
"Got this call, not first number I've recieved these calls from. Its a scam"

CALLER ID: 844-704-5171
CALLER COMPANY: Process Server

Submitted by Gaylene on March 11, 2014
"Received a message as follows: Hi, my name is Jordon Marx (?) process server here. I attempted to deliver some paperwork today unsuccessfully. If you have any questions about this case pending you'd like to resolve the matter on voluntary terms, you can contact the filing party. Their number is 844-704-5171."

CALLER ID: Unavailable

Submitted by PTrela on March 05, 2014
"Called and identified himself saying he was attempting deliver a process."

CALLER ID: NPS 844-704-5171

Submitted by Jo Anne on March 05, 2014
"Canned recording "I was trying to deliver some paperwork to you today without any luck. If you have any questions, please call the sender at 844-704-5171.""


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