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8772051650 / (877) 205-1650

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877-205-1650 Phone Number Reports:

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Submitted by bm on October 23, 2017
"rang and rang, I didn't answer"

CALLER ID: 8772051650

Submitted by Nadine Roark on October 20, 2017
"I received a call from this number this morning, caller iD 877-205-1650 no name. when I answered they identified themselves as blue cross-blue shield calling about a flu shot and to press YES to continue, I hung up!! I do not answer yes to anything on the phone anymore, I've already had my flu shot and figured if theres a problem my Dr or pharmacy one would let me know."

Submitted by SATURATED WITH UNWANTED CALLS on October 20, 2015
"I totally agree with Mr. Komorowski! At 10:33 a.m. my phone rang, caller ID = 8772051650 with no identification of the caller. I did not pick up. STUPID recording left voicemail IDing caller as BlueCrossBlueShield advising me to get a flu shot. No wonder health care insurance costs are through the roof! Wasting precious overhead to tell me, on behalf of the medical/phamaceutical establishment, to get a flu shot whose vaccine is targeted to LAST YEAR'S strain and which is hardly effective!"

CALLER ID: 8772051650
CALLER COMPANY: so the recording said

Submitted by Robert E. Komorowski on October 22, 2014
"Got a call this morning @ 9:41 am , it's an advertising call call from CVS saying that Blue-Crosas & Blu-Shield are advising me to go get their flu-shot. I do not need these ignorant fools telling me this information; I get my flu-shots FREE from the VA !"


Submitted by Carol Hollenshead on October 21, 2013
"found on phone as "missed call""


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