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8884984452 / (888) 498-4452

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Submitted by Guest User on April 01, 2019
"When I called the number I asked them who they were. They claimed they were Best Buy Geek Squad. My husband told them there had better not be a $299 charge on our account or we would be contacting the attorney general's office. They guy told us to "F&#@ off." Nice. I called Best Buy Geek Squad and told them about it. They said it is indeed a scam and they are trying to do something about it."

Submitted by L Flammer on March 27, 2019
"caller said master card service will be charged for more than $200,,,rest unaudoable"

CALLER ID: Spam? 800 Servi

Submitted by L Flammer on March 27, 2019
"Caller message could not understand"

CALLER ID: Spam? Northampton


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