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888-866-4261 Phone Number Reports:

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Submitted by n lupori on July 22, 2019
"Scam calller. same message about $299"

Submitted by Nico on July 11, 2019
"Scam call trying to get $"

Submitted by LAM on June 21, 2019
"An automated message said I could be auto-debited $299 for a software subion and to call right back."

Submitted by Wadsworth Longfellow on June 17, 2019
"Bogus $299 Refund Scam -- asks you call back to cancel your computer account and thus receive your refund. Do NOT call!!!"

Submitted by Ernie Hsieh on May 23, 2019
"Robot girl said I would be auto debited for $299 for a subion and have call back to claim my refund."

CALLER ID: 888-866-4261

Submitted by L Flammer on April 30, 2019
"After machine person hung up - nothing"

CALLER ID: 800 service


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