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Submitted by Roas on July 27, 2019
"Numerous calls says its Kohle dept store I have never been to any store."

Submitted by charlene on October 26, 2011
"this number call all days long at all hours, please stop this!"

CALLER ID: 903-593-8790

Submitted by BBB on November 12, 2010
"Phone rings two times in a few short minutes or every hour for several days. No message is left and they are not complying with Federal Telemarketing Calling Practices and Laws so they should know that they are doing illegal activity and will be sued and prosecuted by the Federal Gov't. Others show their support of suing these criminals so help us do so! Messages at other sites include those at and others below: This number is Kohl's calling to bug you about your bill being overdue or not paid (even though, in my case, it is paid!) They also call repeatedly from 262-703-1977. The 903-593-8790 number is also listed on Google as a number for a Democrat group in Texas. ??? Caller ID: 903-593-8790 I called back the phone number on my caller ID and got Kohls credit center, I waited and spoke to an agent who says they are calling people who are late on their payments but the answering services hangs up as soon as the phone is picked up. complained that this is bogus and that they need to stop calling people and hanging up. hopefully they will see how frustrated we are. This number has been calling for a few days...does not leave a message. This number keeps calling day and night...saying call Kohl's... I have never had a charge card from that company and rarely shop there... You get nowhere call the number for Kohl's... they will not listen.. I have tried blocking the number with the Comcast call screening and it still comes thru... I am not the one they are looking for yet they continue to call for someone with my last name...not even my first name... Caller: KOHLS Department Store Source: Local Tyler Texas Location is: 7715 South Broadway Tyler, TX 75703 Phone: (903)561-5838 Store Number: 1184 Corporate is at:"

CALLER ID: 903-593-8790
CALLER COMPANY: Kohl's Credit Card Collections


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